Vanity Flair Online Catalog of Products Coming Soon!

DJ Bath + Plus proudly offers Vanity Flair brand products in our store.

At the present time, these products are not included on our web site for online shopping.

Contact a DJ Bath + Plus sales associate at or visit one of our locations for additional information on our in store selection of Vanity Flair products.

Since we opened in 1984, our work has been highly prized for its quality and design, so much so that it is routinely copied by overseas factories using substandard materials to retail at the bulk outlets here in America. Our products cost more because they are worth more. Period. Our masterpieces are truly "Tomorrow's Heirlooms" and we take great pride in them. How can you be assured of that? We only use the finest materials available. We want your kids and grandkids to be happy you invested in something they would love not only for its practicality and timeless great looks, but for the memories of you that make them smile every time they use it.